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WomenX Impact summit is the most anticipated international event of the year dedicated to female leadership! A unique journey into the worlds of entrepreneurship, leadership, career, digital and sustainable innovation, and much more. A great opportunity to listen to top-level speakers, original case studies and share innovative ideas; a meeting to be able to broaden knowledge and support one’s professional growth. The first step on the path to building a new leadership!
Today WomenX Impact is much more than an event, it is first of all a community of over 10,000 women that is constantly fed with digital events, local meetups, continuous training and much more.
Numerous projects around this network, such as:

  • WomenXTalks: 100% digital events on innovative #CaseStudy that take place all year round!
  • Startup Competition: The only competition between female Start Up
  • MentoringX Impact: A path of growth and annual comparison
  • WomenX Membership: Entry into a highly qualified industry community. A network of women and professionals from the C-Suite and beyond!
  • Podcast: Weekly interviews on industry trends, so you never get left behind
  • Newsletter: a constant monthly update on the progress and news of the community!
Check out WomenX Impact on: www.womenximpact.com

Crypto Conference is the Italian summit completely dedicated to crypto currencies and blockchain technology, aimed at an audience of professionals strongly interested in the subject. A conference where you can train and learn valuable and important notions but also where you can get to know and meet well-known national and international speakers and experts in the sector. A unique opportunity to enter the world of finance and understand its secrets, technologies and above all future transformations. A very high quality event for a sector in progressive change.

Check out Crypto Coinference by Moneywide on: www.moneywide.io/cryptocoinference

Moneywide is a community of over 5,000 professionals, it is the meeting point open to all fans of the Crypto and Fintech world, where they can meet and network together with the best national and international players. Since 2017, international realities have taken part in the community, including Binance, eToro, Curve, Revolut, Sandbox, OKEx, Pwc, Chainalysis, Utrust, Banca Mediolanum. Banca Sella, Finance Commission, and many others.

Check out Moneywide on: www.moneywide.io

It is a media company born from the idea of Eleonora Rocca and Francesco Redaelli, with the aim of making information, including online, of quality and value, with a particular focus on innovation and new trends. Every day original content is produced with a simple and immediate language, in different formats and platforms.
Innovable is also a community of over 5000 people interested in the world of media and innovation and startups.

Check out Innovable on: it.innovable.com